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Getting to know allergic colds and the difference with infectious colds

You certainly have a cold, right? Did you know that in addition to being caused by infections, colds can also be caused by allergies you know. Let's see what an allergic runny nose is and the difference with a runny nose infection. In the medical world, allergic colds are known as allergic rhinitis. In this condition, colds occur if the sufferer is exposed to an allergen (allergic substances or substances), such as dust or animal dander. When you inhale the triggers, the immune system will consider it a dangerous object and release a compound called histamine as a resistance reaction. This reaction causes allergic symptoms, such as runny nose and itching in the nose. Difference between allergic colds and infections colds The main difference between these two types of colds is the cause. Cold infections are caused by viral or bacterial infections, whereas allergic colds are caused by allergen exposure. Well, what about the symptoms? Although both cause runny and stuffy nose, t
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Treating allergic colds without disturbing activities

When suffering from allergic colds, other symptoms can also appear, such as fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping. These complaints can cause discomfort and interfere with activities, so it needs to be handled appropriately. Colds are the main symptom of allergic rhinitis, which is inflammation that occurs in the nasal cavity due to allergic reactions. Allergy colds occur when you are exposed to allergens, such as dust, pollen, or animal dander. How to deal with allergic colds Allergic colds are characterized by clear mucus or nasal discharge from the nose and tend to be runny. Not infrequently, allergic colds actually need more time to recover than common colds (common cold), especially if you continue to be exposed to allergens. So that allergic colds do not prevent you from undergoing activities, the first step that must be done is to avoid exposure to allergens. After no longer being exposed to these substances, the symptoms of allergies that

5 Tips for an Eco-friendly Lifestyle for a Healthy Family

Has Mother invited the family to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle? The best thing about this lifestyle is that the lifestyle is in line with a healthy lifestyle. In principle, families will be healthier if they are in an environment that is also healthy. Doing environmentally friendly habits is actually not only beneficial for nature. This habit also prepares children to be more aware when choosing healthy foods for their consumption, also in carrying out other daily activities. If carried out consistently in the long run, an environmentally friendly lifestyle will make the mother's family healthier. Starting from a Small Habit Environmentally friendly lifestyles are actually not just about replacing items that are commonly used, with items labeled "eco-friendly" that are more expensive or inefficient you know, Bun! Conversely, this lifestyle actually makes families should be more frugal. These more environmentally friendly choices can actually be started